Earth and Blood (2020)
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Earth and Blood
6.3/10 by 233 users
Title: Earth and Blood (2020)
Release: 2020-04-17
Runtime: 80 min.
Genre: ,
Stars: Sami Bouajila, Ériq Ebouaney, Samy Seghir, Sofia Lesaffre, Redouanne Harjane, Eric Kabongo, Oumar Diolo, Anis Benbatoul, Blaise Afonso, Mario Stasseyns, Gaëtan Lejeune
Overview: Earth and Blood (2020) : A sawmill owner and his teenage daughter become tangled in a deadly feud when a drug dealer stashes stolen cocaine on their remote property.
Decent viewing if you just want to switch off your brain, but 'Earth and Blood' isn't anything good. It's just so underdeveloped, there is little to no reason to care for any of the characters onscreen. We get pieces of backstory with a few of the protagonists, though the antagonists are completely plain and lack any creativity. I was never invested in this, unfortunately. Sami Bouajila is, at least, good in the lead role. I've now seen three French language films and he has been in two of them; following on from the also underwhelming 'The Crew' from 2015, which is directed by Julien Leclercq too. I do like Bouajila. No-one else stands out, though I did enjoy Sofia Lesaffre as Sarah. It has a few decent deaths, a solid lead and a couple of nice shots - though they could've used the Sawmill location to greater effect. However, disappointingly, it's a poor film all in all. It's a positive that it only runs for 80 minutes, but a bit longer could've helped it create some depth to the onscreen lot.