The Owners (2020)
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The Owners
5.8/10 by 157 users
Title: The Owners (2020)
Release: 2020-08-27
Runtime: 92 min.
Genre: ,
Stars: Maisie Williams, Sylvester McCoy, Rita Tushingham, Jake Curran, Andrew Ellis, Ian Kenny, Stacha Hicks
Overview: The Owners (2020) : A group of friends think they found the perfect easy score - an empty house with a safe full of cash. But when the elderly couple that lives there comes home early, the tables are suddenly turned. As a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, the would-be thieves must fight to save themselves from a nightmare they could never have imagined.
Nothing overly original and starts off well enough but kind of drags after the first 20-minutes or so with some spots of good suspense, just not nearly enough to make it a recommendation. The performances for the most part were good, including Maisie Williams and Sylvester McCoy. **2.5/5**
Really good watch, could watch again, and can recommend. I absolutely watched this for Maisie Williams, and she honestly carries the movie. While the movie is given a low-budget look, they clearly had enough to work with given all the crazy that is in this movie. While a lot of movies tend to either gradually ramp up their intensity or use plateaus of calm to contrast against sudden blasts of intensity, this really just rollercoasters back and forth without letting up. The median curve still is gradual, but it is a long series of nothing, CONFLICT!, nothing, CONFLICT! through the whole movie. I'd be even more hesitant to talk about any specifics as this is a spoiler rich movie, but they give away the biggest one in the premise (actually the title): the owners turn the tides against the burglars. The older couple do crazy really well, but that is about it from them. If you liked "Don't Breathe", then give this a watch.